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Caleffi is renowned for their range of mixing valves. From health approved thermostatic mixing valves and high peformance solar tempering valves to underfloor hydronic mixing valves and high flow central heating mixing valves; we have a mixing valve for just about every application.

The Caleffi TMV has been specifically manufactured to meet, and exceed, the requirements of AS 4032.1 and is suitable for use in hospitals, aged health care, child care, hotels, schools, gymnasiums and other health care related industries.


5213 Tempering Valve (Standard)   Downloads
Caleffi tempering valve
  • Suitable for storage hot water systems
  • Excellent flow rate
  • Standards Approved AS4032.2
Brochure dwg
Instructions rfa
2522 Tempering Valve (Solar HP)   Downloads
solar temp valve
  • Suitable for use on solar systems (rated to 100°C)
  • Suitable for instantaneous heater systems / fluctuating supply
  • Standards Approved AS4032.2
Brochure dwg
Instructions rfa
5213TMX Thermostatic Mixing Valve   Downloads
thermostatic mixing valve
  • Adjustable 30 - 50°C
  • Watermarked & NSW Health Approved
  • To be superceded by 2522TMF

Brochure dwg
Instructions rfa
2522TMX Solar Thermostatic Mixing Valve   Downloads
solar mixing valve
  • Rated to 100C for solar
  • Max 86 l/m max (25mm valve)
  • Watermarked & NSW Health Approved

Brochure Commissioning Comm Report
Instructions rfa (25mm)
2522TMF TMV with Thermal Disinfection   Downloads
solar mixing valve
  • Rated to 100C for solar
  • 15 - 20mm size feature thermal disinfection
  • Watermarked & NSW Health Approved
  • Will supercede other TMVs

Brochure Commissioning Comm Report
SS5213 Stainless Steel Box to suit TMV   Downloads
TMV stainless box
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Flush fitting recessed design
  • Lockable lid
  Box Brochure dwg
Valve/Box Overview rfa
2522-HILO Emergency Shower Mixing System   Downloads
Emergency Shower Thermostatic Mixing Valve
  • TMVs are Watermark approved to AS4032.1
  • Suitable for emergency showers and combination units
  • Cold water bypass feature in case of hot water failure
  • Available in exposed or recessed style enclosure
523 Thermostatic Mixing Valve Commercial   Downloads
commercial mixing valve
  • Adjustable 30 - 65°C
  • Available in 25mm - 50mm
  • Non-standards approved
  • Suitable for process or other commerical applications
  Datasheet dwg
2521 Primary Temperature Control Valve   Downloads
Primary Temperature Control Valve
  • Max 100°C inlet, adjustable 30 - 65°C
  • Available in 20mm
  • DR brass


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