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Valves for Solar Systems

The Caleffi Solar product range has been specially developed for use in solar thermal systems, where high temperatures can normally be reached and where, depending on the kind of system. Materials and performance of the components must necessarily take into account these particular operating conditions.


2522 Tempering Valve (Solar HP)   Downloads
solar temp valve
  • Suitable for use on solar systems (rated to 100°C) as well as instantaneous heater systems.
  • Standards Approved AS4032.2
Brochure dwg
Instructions rfa
2522TMX Solar Thermostatic Mixing Valve   Downloads
solar mixing valve
  • Rated to 100C for solar
  • Max 86 l/m max (25mm valve)
  • Watermarked
  • NSW Health Approved

2521 Primary Temperature Control Valve   Downloads
underfloor mixing valve
  • Max 100°C inlet
  • adjustable 30 - 65°C
  • Available in 20mm
  • DR brass
603040 Frost Protection Valve   Downloads
frost protection valve
  • Prevents freezing of water in solar collectors
Brochure Instructions
250 Air Release Valve / Air Vent (Solar)   Downloads
solar auto air vent
  • Rated to 180°C (ideal for solar)
  • AS4020 Approved
  • Can be used as a vacuum breaker
  Brochure dwg
253 Safety Relief Valve (Solar)   Downloads
solar relief valve
  • Rated to 160°C
  • Suitable for solar applications
  • Several pressure settings available
  • Larger outlet for venting steam
  Brochure dwg
258 Flow Meter and Balancing   Downloads
  • Used to balanced multiple closed loop solar circuits
  • No special tools required
  • Easy pull ring flow checking
30VACR Spring Check Watermarked - Cimberio brand   Downloads
  • Available 15mm - 20mm
  • High temp 170°C for solar
  • Watermarked


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