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New basic or smart quarter turn electric actuated valves

October 2021

The new TCN series electric motorised actuators are now stocked at All Valve Industries. Featuring an impressive number of options, these compact electric actuators are suitable for a wide range of applications including being mounted on Watermarked valves for use in potable water.

  • Ultra small compact form
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Heavy duty construction with IP67 aluminium or PC + PET housing
  • Inbuilt anti-condensation heater to reduce risk of corrosion.
  • 2 SPDT volt free end of travel switches included
  • Available in various voltages
  • Manual override for emergency hand operation, with allen key included
  • Local visual position indicator dome
  • Overload protection

The TCN series actuators have an ISO 5211 mounting which allows for a direct connection to various valves, including the Watermark approved ball valves and butterfly valves from All Valve Industries.


Smart electric actuators
Available Models and Functions

The TCN series quarter turn electric actuators are available in either a basic or smart model. The basic model is constructed with internal mechanical cams to stop the motor in the required position. It offers a number of standard features as mentioned above, as well as a variety of voltages and wiring configurations.

The smart models are fully electronic using magnetic positioning and operate using inbuilt firmware. In addition to the standard features, the smart model features an OLED screen which can display position indication, failure reports, along with menu operation and push button control to allow numerous advanced operations such as custom positions, speed control, local manual control, and more.

The smart models can be optioned with a number of additional functions such as;

Modulating function

The smart actuators take advantage of its magnetic position sensing technology, which drives the position proportional to an input control signal. Control signals include 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V, or 2-10V and can be selected within the menu system.

BUS function

The TCN actuators are capable of being supplied compatible with Modbus or Canbus on the full range of actuators from 20 to 400Nm, either in smart on/off, or smart modulating control. The smart actuators firmware can be used to calibrate and setup the actuators to your BUS system using the intuitive menu system which allows the user to customise and setup actuators specific to your requirement.

Wireless function

Applications for wireless operation assists with the reduction of control wiring costs or where the actuator is in a location with power but no means to connect control and feedback cables. The standard smart wireless actuator, which includes an option of a 1.5km wireless range, enables customers to take full advantage of this fast-growing market. The wireless series allows the user to control the opening and closing of actuators via either OCEAN or LORA 433 or 915Mhz frequency. The actuators can be controlled on a one to one connection or one controller can control multiple actuators at once.

Timer function

The actuator can be set to two different modes; timer or pulse mode

PULSE MODE - Pulse mode allows the user to set the actuator to ‘pulse’ ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF repeat. The user can set the time they want to elapse whilst opening for example before it closes the actuator. This can be the time it takes to fully open, it could be fully open and then wait 1 hour or it could be run half the working time to achieve a half open status and then close.

TIMER MODE - The Timer mode is used where the user requires the valve to open and close at certain times through the day or week. The actuator has a full 24-7 timer built in with date stamp and can be programmed to open and close up to 50 timers per day. The actuator will open at the programmed times and can then stay open for as long is required, all programmable via the intuitive onboard software.


EMS120 Emergency Mixing Assembly

Available in 20Nm, 50Nmm 110Nm, 200Nm or 400Nm.

Selecting an actuator to match a valve's torque rating requires a number of considerations based on the expected operating conditions. These conditions can include, for example, the fluid medium, temperature, pressure and viscosity of the medium, the number of operations per day, and whether any other safety margins should be included.

Our 'standard' matchings offered in our Watermark ball valve and butterfly valve datasheets assumes that the medium is clean potable water at the valve's maximum rated working temperature and pressure.


These options are only available in the smaller size actuators up to 110Nm, in either the basic or the smart models.

Failsafe functionality is provided via an optional internal super capacitor. The actuator will charge the capacitor when there is a power supply available and will operate as normal to power open and power close. On power loss, the actuator will fail to open or closed position via the capacitor. The capacitor does require that the actuator receives sufficient charge with a recommended initial charge time of around 2-3 minutes. 

The smaller range of actuators is available with a high speed option which reduces the torque output but offers as fast as 1 second working time for quarter turn operation. Note that the one second version is only possible in 20Nm actuator series with the 50-110Nm range taking approx. 5-6 seconds. 


For more information, please visit the actuator and solenoid range here.




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