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Upgraded SS TMV Enclosure

July 2014

All Valve Industries has recently changed suppliers for the SS boxes to suit the Caleffi TMV. With this comes a number of new design improvements and features to improve our product offering to the market.

Adjustable Lid.
The lid of the SS box has been designed with adjustable internal brackets which allows for the depth of the lid to be adjusted to suit various wall thicknesses, thereby making installation of the box much quicker .

New SS lid edges and finish
Rather than a flat SS finish on the lid, we have now opted for a more refined look with an aesthetically pleasing No. 4 brushed finish.

In addition, the edges are now bevelled with an angled return to the wall. This allows for a much tighther, flush finish as well as giving greater rigidity to the SS lid.

TMV packaging

One size fits all.
The actual SS box carcass has been design in such a way that allows either our 15mm or 20mm valve to be plumbed into the box. Not only does this cut down on the number of different boxes that needs to be stocked, but also increases our economies of scale which means we can offer all these extra features at the same price of our old design.

New Carton.
A custom made carton is now being offered for the 300x300mm boxes which gives a better presentation, as well as the obvious better protection of the product from handling and transit.

TMV box TMV Lid TMV Enclosure


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