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Watermarked Balancing Valve from Cimberio

September 2014

All Valve Industries has had the 747 series manual balanicng valve from Cimberio Watermark approved since 2008, but it hasn't been until recently that the market has started taking notice and specifying Watermarked balanicng valves.

Traditionally balancing valves were used in mechanical services for balancing closed loops systems, usually serving fancoils and AHU circuits, and All Valve Industries supplies a range of products to suit this application. However, for domestic hot water flow and return lines, more often than not, a non-Watermarked balancing valve is used because they weren't originally made for this type of installation.

Over the years, it has become widely accepted to use certain brands of balancing valves with the misconception that they are approved, when in fact they do not have any Watermark approvals. The only approved valve in Australia is the Cim 747 series balancing valve from All Valve Industries.

Cim Watermarked Balancing Valve

With the relatively recent change of the NSW plumbing regulator moving from Sydney Water to NSW Fair Trading, as well as the ABCB taking over the administration of the Plumbing Code of Australia, there has been an increasing awareness of plumbers, suppliers and authorities of products being installed without proper Australian Standards approvals, however, this trend is shifting as the industry becomes aware of these issues.

There is still quite an extensive range of products in the market that are either unable to get approved (such as a flanged pressure reducing valve) simply because there is no Watermark Standard written for it, or valves that often seem to slip under the radar when it comes to using approved products such as flanged swing check valves and gate valves, solenoid valves, foot valves, and of course balancing valves.

Most suppliers and installers are simply unaware that the product they install is unapproved, and so its a matter of educating the market. We can only hope that plumbers and installers continue to check the for product approvals and make sure that they always request products with Watermark.


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