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Watermarked 25mm tempering valve from Caleffi

NEW High flow Caleffi tempering valve with 20 - 50°C setting range.

November 2018

The new Caleffi 5213 series has extended the range of Watermarked tempering valves to include a new 25mm size, featuring exceptional flow rates and a lower adjustable temperature to 20°C.

A tempering valve is used to regulate the set temperature of mixed hot and cold water even when variations occur in the water supply conditions. The Caleffi 5213 series has been specifically designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of “AS 4032.2 Tempering valves and end-of line temperature actuated devices”.

The 25mm tempering valve has a minimum flow rate of 6l/min for stable operation and has a maximum flow rate of 120 l/min at 300kPa pressure loss (kV of 4.2). However, in most applications it is recommended that pressure losses are kept under 100kPa which equates to approx. 70 l/min for maximum design flow. With these flow rates in mind, the valve is capable of providing tepid water supply to many high flow applications such as banks of showers, multiple bathrooms, as well as emergency deluge showers.

Caleffi Solar TMV

In addition to featuring high flow rates, the valve's lower adjustable temperature range is also particularly suited to emergency shower applications where temperatures are generally set between 20 - 30°C. It is the responsibility of the specifier to determine the correct water temperature to each safety fixture, especially in applications where a chemical reaction is increased by water temperature.

EMS120 Emergency Mixing Assembly

The EMS120 emergency mixing valve assembly has been updated to include the new 521325 model of Watermarked tempering valves. With the 2x 25mm tempering valves used in this configuration, it allows a flow of 120 l/min at 70kPa pressure loss, thereby significantly reducing the required supply pressure compared to the previous EMS90 model, as well as providing a set temperature range better suited to emergency shower applications.

The assembly will provide thermal shutdown upon failure of the cold water supply to avoid scalding, however, in the case of a hot water failure the cold water bypass design allows for cold water only to flow through the assembly in the event of heated water supply failure to the mixing valves. This feature has been integrated to ensure the functionality and integrity of the emergency shower is maintained.

The cold water bypass valve requires a minimum of 20kPa pressure loss to achieve 76 l/min as required as AS4775. With the 70kPa required by the mixing valves for maximum flow rates, it is therefore suggested that a minimum of 90kPa dynamic pressure is provided for the correct operation of this product. Please note that sufficient pressure is ALSO required to provide a minimum of 210kPa after the assembly to the emergency fixtures to comply with AS4775.

The EMS120 assembly is plumbed into a 304SS enclosures with a hinged door. The overall dimensions of the box is 850H x 420W x 127D and can be semi-recessed into a wall. The lid depth can also be adjusted for easier mounting in various wall cavities.

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