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Thermostatic Mixing Valve

with integrated thermal disinfection function

March 2017

New Caleffi TMV developed for thermal disinfection best practices

Following the death of a male patient on the 5th June, 2013 in Wesley Hospital, a request by Chief Health Officer was made to test the potable water systems for Legionella in 17 public hospitals and 103 private and day hospitals. The report “Review of the Prevention and Control of Legionella Pneumophila infection in Queensland” was released as a result of this inquiry, and the facts presented were astounding. Of those 120 facilities, approximately 80% recorded positive Legionella counts.

Due to the publicity surrounding this story, as well as other reported death’s both in private and care situations around Australia, an increased focus on Legionella control and water system monitoring has occurred. The “Legionella risk” also extends to some 36 new energy efficient apartment buildings as reported in Melbourne on Dec 5th 2016 in The Age. Additionally, the Australian Building Codes Board in 2015 has also put a Plumbing Code Research Report out for public comment concerning risks associated with the variety of warm water delivery systems used in the Australian market.

Caleffi Solar TMV

As experts weigh into the arguments it is generally agreed that a national approach must be taken for best practices in managing risk especially in healthcare facilities due to a greater concentration of “at – risk patients”. In 2015, enHealth released “Guidelines for Legionella Control” with QLD quickly adopting these guidelines.

In response to these growing concerns All Valve Industries recognized the need for a thermal disinfection function to be incorporated into TMV designs to facilitate localised system disinfection. The development and incorporation of this critical feature into the Caleffi TMV provides the ability to manually lift the thermostat into a position which disables the standard operation of the valve, allowing full network temperature to pass through the valve and warm water pipework to the fixture outlet resulting in localised disinfection.

Thermal disinfection override

This innovative feature to facilitate water system health created by All Valve industries for the Caleffi range of TMV’s, is now standard on our valves at no additional cost.

The chart below shows the result of the water temperature after the thermostatic mixing valve upon lifting the lever, thus disengaging the thermostat, and then putting the lever back to the normal operating position. The temperature returns to its set point within a few seconds without the need for any re-commissioning.

Thermal Disinfection Chart

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