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Non-return check valves / Strainers / Foot Valves / Filter Baskets

A check valve (non-return valve) is used to control the direction of flow of water. They prevent the unwanted backflow of water through pipes in pumping applications.

Y strainers provides the mechanical removal of particles and debris for from liquid, gas or steam lines by means of a mesh or wire.


30 Non-return Valve - Spring Check   Downloads
Spring Check Valve
  • Available 15mm - 100mm
  • Nickel Plated
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30CR Non-return Valve - Spring Check Watermarked   Downloads
Watermark Spring Check Valve
  • Available in 20mm
  • Watermarked
30VACR SOLAR Spring Check Watermarked   Downloads
Solar Watermark Spring Check valve
  • Available 15mm - 20mm
  • Watermarked
100 Europa Check Valve - ITAP   Downloads
Europa non return valve
  • Stainless poppet plate and spring
  • Brass stem guide
  • NBR seat seal
32 Non-return Valve - Spring Check   Downloads
chrome male female check valve
  • Male / Female Design
  • Chrome Plated
  • Neat Installation
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DUO Duo Check Valve   Downloads
cast iron wafer duo check valve
  • Cast Iron epoy coated with SS plates
  • Rubber gaskets on check valve
80A Non-return Valve - Swing Check   Downloads
brass swing check valve
  • Rubber faced for tight seal
  • Excellent flow rates
048 Swing Check Valve   Downloads
Bronze flanged swing check valve
  • Suitable for water and saturated steam
  • Rated to 1600kPa
  • Available undrilled from 50mm - 100mm
  • All bronze construction
41 AVK Swing Check Valve   Downloads
Swing Check
  • Rubber Seated
  • To AS4794
  • For potable water and sewage
  • Lever and weight optional
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53/50 AVK Ball Check Valve   Downloads
ball check valve
  • Ideal for sewage
74ACR Y- Strainer   Downloads
Watermark y strainer
  • Watermarked

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YSCF Strainer   Downloads
cast iron strainer
  • Flanged AS2129 Table E
  • Epoxy Coated
  • Stainless Steel mesh
FLEX Vibration Eliminator / Flexible Connector   Downloads
vibration eliminator
  • EPDM Rubber / Mild Steel flanges standard
  • Optional sphere & flange material available
  • Allows for axial, lateral and angular movement


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