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Balancing Valves

Manual DRV / Automatic Balancing / Thermostatic Balancing

Balancing valves are important for regulating the flow of water in HVAC systems, as well as flow and return lines. They evenly distribute the flow of water in each circuit of a circulating systems.

The Cimberio brand has a large range available including manual balanging (double regulating valves) and flanged balancing valves, as well as automatic balancing valves such as the automatic flow limiters, pressure independent control valves anddifferential pressure control valves.

For hot water flow and return lines, we also offer the Caleffi brand thermostatic balancing valve which balances and controls flow in each circuit of a hot water circulating system to a particular temperature, based on an allowable temperature drop from the boiler.


116151 Thermostatic Balancing Valve - Caleffi   Downloads
Thermostatic Balancing Valve
  • Automatic HW balancing based on return temperature
  • Temperature gauge included
  • Optional automatic disinfection bypass function
Brochure rfa
Cim Balancing Valve Software - Manual Valves   Downloads
  • Macro based excel software
  • Quickly and easily calculate flow rate and size required for Cim brand MANUAL balancing vavles
  • Able to print the recommended commissioning list.
  Excel Software
Setup/User Guide
747 Watermarked Balancing Valve - Fixed Orifice   Downloads
Watermark Balancing Valve
  • Ideal for hot water flow and return lines
  • Accurate fixed Orifice flow measurement

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726/AC6 Manometer - Programmed   Downloads
Water Manometer
  • For measuring flow rate on balancing valves
  • Pre-loaded with 34 brands of balancing valve models including Cimberio, T&A and Oventrop
726/DM10 Manometer - Basic   Downloads
Water Manometer
  • For measuring flow rate on balancing valves
  • Basic version that measures dP; no pre-programmed data
  • Possible to enter kV value of valve to display flow rate


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