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All Valve Industries is a supplier and distributor of valves and associated goods. We supply excellent quality products at competitive pricing, in a timely manner. Our product range is not limited to those products that we stock. We also draw on our extensive knowledge of the valve industry to source valves that will suit a customer's individual needs.

Emergency Shower Mixing Valve Solar TMV thermal disinfection Mini Pressure Reducing Valve


H-BOX recognised by BASIX for water savings - June '22

The H-BOX unit, designed to circulate water in dead leg pipes to reduce the hot water delivery times, is now recognised by BASIX for it's water savings potential.The BASIX tool is being updated to allow for a selection of a hot water circulation device (H-BOX) to improve your water score...

Caleffi Pressure Reducing Valve Sizing and Application Guide - March '22

Caleffi, in collaboration with its international partners (including Australia and All Valve Industries), has released a comprehensive guide to Pressure Reducing Valve Sizing, Selection and Applications.

Pressure Reducing Valve Sizing

Introducing our smart actuators! - October '21

Our new TCN series electric actuators are now available and feature an impressive number of options. Available with Watermark approved valves, these actuators can be ordered with smart features such as high speed, fail safe, modulating control, wireless and more.

The destructive effects of cavitation - April '21

After just a few months a balancing valve failed with a small hole in the body. Upon reviewing the product, it was evident the culprit was cavitation. Read the short story the situation and how damaging cavitation can be!





Caleffi Cimberio Apollo RDZ



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