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Strongcast Meter Box Assembly


Meter Box Assembly Kit

April 2017

The Strongcast Meter Box Assembly Kit is an innovative and versatile water meter solution that saves labour and installation time. It achieves this by reducing the number of connection points in the assembly as well as featuring push fit end connections and patented snap fit box design allowing a quick and simple installation.

With the product's advanced leap in design and cutting edge technology, as well as significant improvements to reduce non-revenue water losses, the Meter Box Assembly has been nominated for the Good Design Awards in Australia.

The Meter Box Assembly Kit requires no plumbing tapes or adhesives and only has four connection points. This means that a complete kit including the water meter, two Strongcast Valves and the Strongcast Bracket can be assembled together in a matter of seconds. Competitor systems currently have approximately 12 brass components which can take several minutes to assemble and require the use of thread tape. Adhesives are also often required, meaning a curing time of up to several hours.

The simple design of the Strongcast Complete Meter Assembly Kit means that products can be dispatched rapidly and if plumbers choose to assemble or modify kits in the field it can be done in an instant.


Meter Box
The Strongcast meter box and cover features an extremely durable design with corrugated walls for superior resistance against vertical pressures. Secure, high arches for a range of use from 20mm meters through to 100mm valves.

With an internal mounting point for lid attachment wire, replacement as well as reattachment is simple and can be done without the need to uplift the box. This is non destructive and particularly convenient in concrete and paved environments. The box is also available with a galvanised steel lid for high traffic areas, driveways, etc.

The ball valves and meter in the bracket can be installed in the ground first with plenty of space to operate, and then the whole box is push fit into place over the top. The box design provides a strong barrier to reduce ingress and tree roots into the meter box, which means it does not require to be wrapped in geo-fabric like some other brands, thereby increasing productivity and consistency during installation.

Water Meter Box

Ball Valves
Strongcast ball valves offer an in built swivel nut and tail which minmises the chances of leaks from common points of assembly and the need for thread tape and adhesives. This non-revenue water saving design also enables the valves to be exceedingly compact and versatile.

The pipe fitting features push fit PE connection which is an extremely efficient means to connecting directly to poly pipe. As many new installations are running from poly mains, this valve eliminates the need for additional fittings as it connects straight to PE pipe. The brass teeth ring allows for a secure compression connection. This valve reduces the common leak points by 50%. Note: BSP ends are also available as an option.

Water Meter
The Itron TD8 water meter supplied with the assembly combines the advantages of piston type technology together with proven reliability of the extra dry register, with no gears in contact with water. The smooth piston chamber ensures long term accuracy. The irreversible meter cap mounting makes it totally tamperproof without the use of lead seals. Please note that the relevant Authority must be specified upon ordering (ie QUU, UW, GCW, LC) so that the correct meter can be supplied.



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