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August 2015


All Valve Industries has been appointed as a National distributor for Itron’s range of metering products. This partnership means Itron now has a well-established distribution channel for the wholesale market, as well as additional local stock and support in Sydney.

Itron received approval to provide metering solutions in compliance to Sydney Water’s Multi-Level Individual Metering (MLIM) Policy.

Itron is a world-leading technology and services company dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that measure, manage and analyze energy and water. It is also an industry leader in metering solutions and the number 1 supplier of water meters and communication modules globally. With over 90 million water meters and more than 21 million water communication modules supplied worldwide, Itron is your best choice in resource management.

MLIM requirements for developer / plumber

  • Must install metering on each unit as per MLIM Guidelines (common water optional).
  • Source and install Master Meter(s) from Sydney Water.
  • Attach the included labels on the pipe on the outlet side of the meter with lot number and tap test.
  • Ensure appropriate access to site for Itron Technicians and Subcontractors at mutually agreeable time

 If you lodge a Section 73 application after 1 September 2014, these conditions will be in the:

  • Notice of Requirements letter
  • complying Section 73 Certificate development letter. 

Information required for Quotation

  • Address of Project site
  • Number of master meters – Plumber to organise with Sydney Water
  • Number of apartments – residential meters required
  • Number of common water meters – If required
  • Number of buildings in projects
  • Number of Levels per building
  • Required Lead time from Meter supplier (for meters and commissioning)
  • Are sub assembly kits required (meter brackets)

Fixed price offerings

Itron is able to offer a fixed price quotation due to the mobile battery operated EverBlu Collector Technology. This technology enables Itron to provide full RF coverage across the whole site without requiring additional power points. The infrastructure requirements and positions are determined during the Infrastructure survey using specialised tools. This process is only required to be performed once. If additional collectors and/or access points are required after this process, they will be provided at Itron's cost. Itron have successfully deployed EverBlu networks across entire buildings and towns / cities in Australia, with the largest single deployment being 13,500 meters.




Although Itron have both a mechanical PD meter, as well as an ultrasonic meter in their range, the mechanical meter was chosen for use in Sydney Water’s MLIM scheme. With over 10 million domestic meters installed in Australia, over 99.9% are a mechanical type due to the tried and tested technology. With no real disadvantage when used in Sydney Water’s MLIM application, a mechanical meter is the best choice as it offers a reliable and cost effective solution for metering. Itron’s meters boast up to 26 year service life at +/- 2% accuracy. They have excellent sensitivity at low flow rates, and do not suffer the same failure rate as electronic meters.


EverBlu Cyble Radio Module

Data is created by meters equipped with integrated radio modules.

The use of Itron’s enhanced Cyble radio module for AMR and AMI wireless communication provides a reliable meter reading. The Cyble offers a 15 year battery life and can quickly and easily be changed on the water meter if required, rather than the need to replace the entire meter. Some of the features include; 24 Hourly index, Backflow index, Daily leakage alarm, Daily backflow alarm, Tampering alarm, Average RF wakeup, Battery alarm, Daily synchronisation of the date and time and has a 2 Days back-up.

Everblu Collector

Data Collector receives data transmitted daily by the surrounding meters and stores them.

The collectors are battery operated and have a 10 year lifetime. They are capable of collecting up to 50 Meter Interface Units (MIU) and store 10 days of backup data. If any collectors fail to read their assigned meters, the meters will automatically transmit to the next closest collector, thereby allowing excellent redundancy in the collection system.

EverBlu Access Point

Data Access Point, installed at a central location of each district, is the core of the wireless mesh network. Data Access Points download data daily from Data Collector, either directly or using other collectors as relays. Data Access Points transmit data to Sydney Water FTP server on a daily basis.

The access points manage a network up to 1,200 MIU and 255 collectors. It provides 365 days backup of daily data. It is mains powered and uses a 3G/4G communication to transmit data to Sydney Water. The unit is very compact at 25x20x20cm.


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