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Ball Valves

  AGA Flanged Gas Ball Valve   Downloads
  • Sies 25 - 200mm
  • -20 to +60C & 1,600kPa pressure
  • Optional underground adaptors or locking options available
  • Electric or Pneumatic actuator available




Apollo Industrial Valves

Bronze Ball Valves / 316SS Ball Valves / Carbon Steel Ball Valves

Conbraco Apollo Valves are made in the USA and offer a range of valves for plumbing, mining, industrial and marine applications. The Apollo stainless, carbon steel or bronze ball valves are available with a large range of options such as deadman spring return handles, oval handles, locking options as well as oygen cleaning, stem extensions and much more. See the datasheets for a full range of options.

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Bronze Valves
71-500 "Deadman" Ball Valve   Downloads
deadman handle
  • Spring return handle
  • NPT or BSP
  • Stainless Steel ball and stem
70-100 Ball Valve   Downloads
bronze ball valve
  • All bronze body
  • Rated to 600 psi
  • Many options available
70-600 Ball Valve - 3-way   Downloads
3way ball valve
  • With mounting pad
  • L-port configuration
  • Rated to 400 psi
78-SEA Sea Flange Valve   Downloads
sea flange ball valve
  • All bronze wetted parts
  • UL Listed
  • AYBA Recommended Materials
Stainless Steel Valves
76-500 "Deadman" Ball Valve   Downloads
stainless deadman
  • Spring return handle
  • All Stainless Steel
  • NPT or BSP
  • Rated to 2000 psi
76-100 Ball Valve - 316 SS   Downloads
firesafe ball valve
  • Rated to 2000 psi
  • Many options available
76-600 Ball Valve - 3-way   Downloads
stainless l port valve
  • L-port configuration
  • Rated to 800 psi
87A-100 Flanged Ball Valve   Downloads
  • ANSI 150
  • 316SS
  • Mounting pad
  • Lockable
Carbon Steel Valves
73A-100 Ball Valve   Downloads
carbon steel ball valve
  • Rated to 2000psi
  • Fire safe option to API607
72-100 Ball Valve - High Pressure   Downloads
high pressure ball valve
  • Rated to 3000psi
  • Full port & blow out proof stem
  • Nitride corosion protection


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