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Relief Valves / Safety Valves

Pressure relief valves are typically used for controlling excess pressure on boilers and heated water systems.


Pressure Regulators

553 Pre-Adjustable Automatic Filling Unit   Downloads
automatic filling unit
  • Adjustable 20 - 400kPa
  • Automatically top up closed circuit systems
  • Complete with isolating valve, check valve, strainer and pressure gauge connection.
5335 Pressure Reducing Valve Domestic   Downloads
Caleffi pressure reducing valve
  • Adjustable 100 - 600 kPa
  • Factory set at 500kPa
  • Available in 'H' series high temp/pressure version
  • Available in 15-25mm
Brochure dwg
Instructions rfa
535 Pressure Reducing Valve Commercial   Downloads
dial up pressure reducing valve
  • Adjustable 100 - 600 kPa
  • Easy read 'dial up' setting
  • Rated to 2500kPa
  • Available 15mm - 50mm
Brochure dwg
Instructions rfa

Expansion Control Vessel

556 Expansion Vessel   Downloads
expansion tank
  • Accommodates expansion of water in heating systems
  • Nitrogen filled for longer service life
  • Available in 8, 12, 18 & 25L vessels

Safety Relief / Bypass Valves

253 Safety Relief Valve (Solar)   Downloads
solar relief valve
  • Rated to 160°C
  • Suitable for solar applications
  • Several pressure settings available
  • Larger outlet for venting steam
  Brochure dwg
312 Safety Relief Valve   Downloads
safety relief valve
  • Can be used as expansion control valve
  • Protects systems from over-pressurising
  • Rated to 110°C
  Datasheet dwg
519 Differential Bypass Valve   Downloads
differential bypass valve
  • Ensures a flow recirculation proportional to the number of valves being closed, while limiting the maximum differential pressure value generated by the pump.
80 / 82 Relief Valve Adjustable Bronze - Paracchini   Downloads
differential bypass valve
  • Suitable water / air / steam
  • Various spring rates available
  • Sizes 15mm - 50mm
  • Rated to 220°C


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