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Isolating Valves

Ball Valves / Globe Valves

All Valve Industries stocks a large range of quality isolating valves from Cimberio including ball valves, gate valves and globe valves.

Cim Valve is a worldwide leader in the production of brass components and valves for plumbing systems, heating and air conditioning and gas and water distribution networks. With a strong belief in the “Made in Italy” brand they have grown to offering quality products to 65 countries.

Ball Valves

RED5 Ball Valve - General Industry   Downloads
  • F/F BSP thread & lever handle
  • Anti-frost feature to stop expanding ice cracking the body of the valve
  Brochure rfa
316DR Ball Valve - Watermarked   Downloads
  • F/F BSP thread & T-handle
  • Watermarked

Brochure rfa
301/16CR Ball Valve - Watermarked   Downloads
  • M/F BSP thread & T-handle
  • Watermarked
Brochure rfa
501CR Ball Valve - Extended Stem   Downloads
  • Extended stem
  • Suitable for lagging pipe
  • Ideal in HVAC industry
  • Watermarked

Brochure rfa

Globe Valves

75 Globe Valve   Downloads
  • Ideal to regulate flow
  • Metal Seated.
  • Rated 1,600kPa


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