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Hydronic Heating and Cooling Systems

In an underfloor heating system, low temperature hot water is circulated through pipes embedded in the floor usually either in a screed, in slab, or beneath a timber floor. A layer of thermal floor insulation is placed beneath the pipework so that the heat is radiated upwards. The floor is much larger compared to wall radiators, so the mean water temperature necessary to give the required heat output can be reduced. This form of emission gives excellent levels of thermal comfort and is far less obtrusive than wall radiators.

An exciting new product to Australia is the radiant ceiling and wall system. Perfect for commercial applications, radiant ceilings have a range of benefits, especially in cooling applications. Chilled ceilings use cooled water as the cooling medium, normally between 13 C and 18 C. This cooled water serves the radiant ceiling panels in which the cooling capacity is distributed across the ceiling using serpentine chilled water pipework

Underfloor hydronic heating systems with RHCS

All Valve Industries has partnered with Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions (RHCS), to provide the complete package for underfloor and ceiling radiant systems; from the design stage right through to supplying the system with the heat souce. RHCS specialises in designing hydronic based heating or cooling solutions. Click here for more information.

Efficient Underfloor Heating


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  • Introduction to RDZ company
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  • Energy options
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  • Domestic and industrial underfloor heating
  • Underfloor piping, insulation andmanifolds
  • Save up to 50% on energy costs compared to traditional heating systems.
  • Low temperature heating requirements
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  • Up to 70% on energy savings compared to traditional air conditioning systems.
  • Domestic plasterboard chilled ceiling panels
  • Commerical metal chilled ceiling panels
  • Manifolds, distributors, controllers, dehumidifiers
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  • Various dehumidifiers, controllers and thermo-regulation kits and components for heating and cooling
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