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H-BOX "multi zone" Benefits

Reduces number of hydraulic cupboards / risers
Reduces capital cost for the builder and increases the sellable real estate for the client, with each 0.5sq/m of cupboard space costing approx $3k - $5k to construct and $6k - $12k per floor in real estate value.

More cost effective than heat tracing
The capital cost to install the H-BOX is approximately the same as heat tracing, however, the cost per kW is significantly lower due to the heat being provided by the natural gas hot water plant, rather than electricity.

Facilitates the design
There are fewer limitations to the locations or layout of fixtures within the apartment as the circulating circuits can be installed to provide hot water on demand as required.


Easier to install than heat tracing
Installation of pre-insulated PEX pipe is less labour intensive than installation of heat trace (by electrician) and then lagging the pipe afterwards.


Reduces the hot water delivery time to 3 - 5 seconds
to every tap in every apartment and offers great end-user experience, which is a vast improvment compared to the 15 - 40 seconds often encountered in high rise buidings.

Lower running cost than heat trace
If the heat trace is billed to the individual apartment, then heat trace can become very expensive for some owners where they are located far from the hot water source. The H-BOX provides a system where the concept of providing hot water quickly at each tap is part of the overall heating system - owners shouldn't be penalised with the cost of heat trace because they happen to be located further from the hot water riser.

Fast response system compared to heat trace
The average heat up time from a cold start for the H-BOX is about 10 minutes (assuming the hot water riser is operating), compared to heat trace that can take 30 - 60 minutes.

Potential energy savings
The system comes with a fully programmable digital timer for each day of the week, allowing for operation during peak hours only to futher improve energy savings if desired.










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