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Wireless Monitoring-Alarm Solutions

Dual Wireless Transmitters and Receiver for a Combination Safety Shower & Eyewash Unit

  • Remote monitoring of emergency shower fixtures
  • Improved employee and site safety
  • Cost effective installation
  • Easily configured
  • Location flexibility up to 300m
  • High durability for harsh environments
  • Up to 14 Limitless digital wireless inputs
  • Stand-alone system or BMS integration


9003N Dual WirelessSafety Shower & Eyewash Alarm Transmitters   Downloads
Wireless Eyewash Alarm transmitter The 9003N Honeywell Limitless® ID product line combines the best of Honeywell MICRO SWITCH® ID limit switches with the latest commercial, off-the-shelf wireless technology which can be used with most Haws shower or eyewash products. This series is especially beneficial for remote monitoring applications where wiring or wire maintenance is not physically possible or economically feasible.   Spec Sheet
9003R Receiver for a Wireless Transmitter   Downloads
Emergency Shower Wireless Receiver Model 9003R is a reliable din-rail or panel-mountable receiver that is designed to receive a wireless signal from a Honeywell Limitless® digital input. The WDRR receiver then communicates the Limitless® digital input status (i.e. switch open or closed) to a PLC (programmable logic controller) or any host controller capable of NPNIPNP-type inputs.   Spec Sheet



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