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Haws® Tank Shower with AXION MSR

March 2017

Every mine site is subject to a unique combination of operating demands and climate conditions. These site - specific conditions translate to distinct system requirements for each site. Haws Integrated™ and All Valve Industries have applied a unique combination of engineering expertise (hydraulic, power, thermal and instrumentation), project management and safety response knowledge to optimize the system attributes and operational functionality of the 8770.25 (1721) emergency tank shower.

With a broad range of hazardous chemicals and chemical byproducts ranging from Potassium Cyanide (KCN) to Dimethylmercury (C2H6Hg) present at many mining sites, providing effective safety and drench systems is absolutely essential.

Tank Shower

The Haws® Model 8770.25 (1721) self-contained gravity fed tank shower has been purpose built for the Mining sector and engineered to maintain its structural integrity and functionality in accordance with:

  • AS4775 – 2007;
  • Wind Load rated - AS1170.2.2011 to 88m/s Cyclonic Wind Speed, Region D, Importance Level 4; 
  • Seismic Designed to AS1170.4 – 2007: Category D.

Constructed of paint protected (RAL 6029) galvanized steel and bright yellow chemically resistant elastomeric waterproof side panels, this tank shower contains a 1600L overhead storage tank with visual water level indicator and temperature gauge. Additional standard fittings integrated into Model 8770.25 (1721) include:

  • Axion MSR Medically Superior Response® technology
  • Mariotte Syphon Valve for Constant Flow Rate Delivery
  • Pull Handle or Push Bar Shower Operation
  • Walk On Foot Grate
  • Scald Protection Valve
  • Shower Test Handle
  • Fork Liftable 1600L Water Tank
  • 4 x 203mm x 203mm x 6mm Mounting Plates
  • 4 x 17.5mm (11/16”) Mounting Holes per Plate
  • 40mm Water Connection

Axion MSR Emergency Eyewash Technology

AXION®’s ground - breaking designs continue to change the emergency response landscape by offering the only Medically Superior Response® solution in the industry. The trademarked inverted water streams gently flush contaminants away from sensitive glands and ducts that surround the eye. It is the only flushing technology engineered specifically to duplicate the methodology recommended and used by medical professionals.

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