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Australian innovation has delivered the only mobile self – contained emergency showers incorporating world leading Haws® Axion® MSR Medically Superior Response® technology that dramatically changes the Australian and New Zealand emergency response landscape. Exposure of workers to hazardous substances in the workplace, particularly corrosives and alkalis also occurs on many remote and mobile worksites. Delaying treatment, even for a few seconds may result in severe injury.

Access to an emergency shower in these circumstances to provide immediate on the spot decontamination to flush away substances that can cause injury is crucial. However, a plumbed or pumped potable flushing fluid source is not always available to allow emergency fixtures to be connected, potentially leaving workers and employers exposed to risk.

It was from our research and deep insight gained into these remote industrial applications that the need for mobile self- contained emergency shower solutions was validated. Further research also identified that different energy sources were also required as was a variety of mobility options.

Select from our Medically Superior Response® mobile self –contained solutions for your Workplace Health and Safety Management Plan to deliver to your employees the only eye/face wash that duplicates the methodology recommended and used by medical professionals. Our mobile technology ensures that remote work sites are provided with independently certified and fit for purpose solutions for industries such as:

  • Mining and drilling
  • Maintenance shut down
  • Oil and Gas (non-hazardous area applications)
  • Onsite bitumen plants
  • Onsite concrete plants


  Mobile solar powered shower   Downloads
Mobile Solar Powered Emergency Shower
  • Deluxe model with alarm and lighting options included
  • Battery powered with 2 x 120 Watt solar panel charging
  • Skid Mounted Unit
  Brochure GA Drawing
Water Temp Trial


  • 2 x 80 Watt Solar Panels - Basic unit
  • Battery Operated Unit with 240V charging
  • Trailer Mounted rather than skid mounted

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