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About Haws and All Valve Industries:

Ingenuity is the Haws culture . Every day we work to address your needs and solve your challenges by applying imagination and initiative to make your job easier. Haws is committed to innovation, design and manufacturing hydration products as well as standardized and customized emergency response products. Haws continues to focus on quality, service, reliability, and complete solution support.

All Valve Industries is Australia's leading specialist innovative developer and provider of pressure, flow, temperature, environmental control, measurement and monitoring systems . In conjunction with our globally recognized manufacturing partners we service a diverse range of industries inclusive of plumbing, building, petro-chemical, mining, oil, gas, defence, water supply and waste water treatment.

Today, the partnership between Haws and All Valve Industries delivers to you industry leading innovation with Axion® MSR- Medically Superior Response technology to meet the challenges of your industry and minimize Workplace Health and Safety risk with the only eye/face wash that duplicates the methodology recommended and used by medical professionals.

Our true global experience in developing and delivering solutions for extreme conditions and environments combined with our quality commitment of continuous improvement delivers to you, increased customer confidence and the knowledge that our product solutions and services meet your most demanding expectations and that they are researched, designed and engineered to be safe, reliable, fit for purpose and compliant with the needs of your industry.



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EMS90 Emergency Mixing Valve System - April '17

Since the publication of AS4775 - 2007: Emergency eyewash and shower equipment, the challenge of how to supply “tepid” water to these critical first emergency response products using Watermark certified TMV’s had not been resolved. Until now!

Haws® Tank Shower with AXION MSR - March '17

The Haws® Model 8770.25 (1721) self-contained gravity fed tank shower has been purpose built for the Mining sector. Australian Designed with AXION MSR – Medically Superior Response® Technology Emergency, this tank shower is a specific type of safety equipment primarily for installation on mine sites that are subject to unique combinations of operating demands and climatic conditions.

WHITE PAPER: Portable vs Plumbed? How to Choose - Dec '16

Once you've determined that an emergency station is needed, you need to define whether a portable or plumbed station is most appropriate. Proper emergency equipment selection is a function of knowing your risks. Click the link below to read the white paper on choosing between portable and plumbed eyewashes.


Haws Haws Integrated Axion MSR


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